How To Bid On Government Contracts With BidSync

How BidSync Works

BidSync is the government bid application that uses Artificial Intelligence to find the right bids for your business.

Completely Connected

Relevance Engine

We feature an AI-powered Relevance Engine. Which means our application learns from your behavior. Our engine keeps track of what you open, what you bid on, what you don’t …and more. The result? You get the most relevant bid opportunities for your business…and discover new opportunities simple keyword matching would miss.

Largest Database of Government Contract Bid Opportunities

We use advanced search and aggregation technology to check thousands of agency websites on a near real-time basis. With BidSync, you know about new bid opportunities as soon as they are released. No more rushed responses or lost bid opportunities due to late notification.


Agencies Monitored


New Government
Bid Opportunities per Month

$2 Billion

in New Government
Business per Month


Actionable Daily
Email Notifications

  • Daily Email Alerts
  • Key Bid Information
  • Direct Link to the Agency
  • Rate Each Bid
Mobile Phone

Advanced Search Tools

What good is the largest database of bid opportunities if you don’t know how to navigate it? BidSync makes sure you don’t waste any time searching our site – but instead easily discover exactly what you are looking for.

  • Filter by Key Attributes: Geography, Agency Type, Due Date
  • Save Searches
  • Visual Relevance Indicator

Easy to Review Government Contract Bids Summary

Our Relevance Engine presents related bids you may be interested in - based on what it has learned about your bidding preferences. No other service does this. Now, that’s a competitive advantage.

  • Bid Agency
  • Summary Descriptions
  • Key Dates
  • Links to Relevant Documents
  • Ability to Rate the Bid Detail

Exclusive Access to the Periscope Agency Network

With BidSync, you gain real-time to access to bid opportunities from agencies that partner with Periscope Holdings, BidSync’s parent company. More public sector agencies partner with Periscope for procurement and sourcing solutions than any other provider. And, many of these agencies can only be accessed through BidSync. Hundreds of agencies, thousands of bid opportunities. You gain a competitive advantage.

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Proposal Writing Services

We partner with the government experts at ProposalHelper to help you submit the very best proposal for your company. From a simple review to writing an entire document, ProposalHelper can bring success.

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