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Built for Relevance

BidSync is the government bid notification service that relies on machine learning technology to find bids that should be added to your sales pipeline. We call it our Relevance Engine. It leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn what type of bids matter to your business – delivering the most relevant, winnable bids on a daily basis.


Way Beyond Matching

Our Relevance Engine expands your search far beyond basic matching and limited profile keywords. That’s how BidSync reveals those often “hidden” bids – the ones that may not perfectly match your keywords, but do perfectly match your capabilities.


Smarter Tech for Smarter Government Bidding

BidSync is able to “think” outside the box and automatically adjust search parameters based on your behavior. The more you use our application, the more the Relevance Engine learns about your bidding preferences.

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Bids Every Month

We notify our customers of more than 100,000 government bids each month from states, municipalities, counties, school districts, port authorities, community colleges, universities as well as federal and military agencies.

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