BidSync Government Bids App Partners with the City of Detroit

BidSync, an app focused on government bids and government contracts, has recently partnered with the City of Detroit. The app makes it possible for interested parties to gain access to superior web-based bidding services to the city’s suppliers. If you would be interested in learning how to bid on government contracts or how to do business with the City of Detroit, you can register for a free BidSync Basic account immediately.  

The BidSync government contracts bidding app offers both a free account option, as well as three separate professional account options, each with a different pricing structure. The three professional account options include:

Those who are interested in seeing government contracts up for bid from over 100,000 government agencies across the US may find it more satisfactory to subscribe to a BidSync National Pro Account.

Ultimately, BidSync is programmed to find the right bids for your business in a flash. It does this with the help of an advanced Artificial Intelligence Relevance Engine. Essentially, this effective AI search engine learns what type of government contracts for bid you are interested in. From there, the government bid site/app delivers information regarding the government contracts bids that are most relevant and, most importantly, that offer the highest chance of a win. 

How to Bid on Government Contracts in the City of Detroit

Keen to learn how to find government contracts, how to get government contracts for small business, and how to embrace the various government bid opportunities that come your way? It is really simple when you opt to make use of the BidSync app. All that you have to do to start bidding on government contracts is begin a search upon downloading the app. What is great about the app’s functionality is that it offers the ability to filter by key attributes, thus making it faster for you to find the specific types of government bidding contracts that you are looking for. You can filter by:

The app also makes it possible for you to save previous searches so that you can keep checking in for relevant opportunities via the BidSync government bidding website/app as often as you like. 

Once the app manages to find relevant government bidding opportunities for your business in the City of Detroit, or nationally if you have a BidSync National Pro account, you will be able to scope out your options via a visual relevance indicator. Click on the opportunities that you feel you might be interested in and you will be served more information. Our easy-to-review bid summary will provide you with several insights into each opportunity, including key dates and links to relevant documents. You will then be able to start bidding on government contracts that suit your requirements. 

So, download the app today! Alternatively, be sure to get in touch with our team for details or for answers to any questions that you may have regarding government bids in the City of Detroit.

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