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Gain easy access to relevant government bids and government contracts in the School District of Palm Beach County Purchasing Department through BidSync. BidSync is a new government bid site/app that provides you with near real-time access to sought-after government contracts for bid. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, our app can learn what sort of government bids and contracts you prefer, therefore recommending relevant options and opportunities along the way. 

Not only does our amazing Artificial Intelligence Powered Relevance Engine set us apart, but so does the fact that we are able to provide businesses and interested parties with access to the largest national database of government bids in the School District of Palm Beach County Purchasing Department. Currently, the BidSync database monitors over 100,000 agencies and boasts approximately $2 billion in new government business each and every month. That equates to around 100,000 new government contracts bids every 30 days. Pretty impressive, right? 

Those interested in learning how to bid on government contracts in the School District of Palm Beach County Purchasing Department will have a choice between four different payment plans depending on their unique requirements. There is a free account which offers basic access, as well as State Pro, Regional Pro, and National Pro accounts. The National Pro account is the most comprehensive option and allows for nationwide searches for relevant government contracts up for bid. It also offers unlimited access to the BidSync AI-Powered Relevance Engine, Advanced Bid Information, and a Premium Customer Success Package. Pay for your account on an annual basis and you will receive a 25% discount on your fees. This means that you can sign up for a National Pro account for just $119 per month. 

How to Bid on Government Contracts in the SDPBC

BidSync has been created to make sure that it is infinitely easy for you to learn how to find government contracts from the moment you sign up. You can learn how to get government contracts for small business, medium business, as well as large business establishments. The way that the government bidding works is that you simply start searching once you have successfully downloaded the app. You will have the chance to filter your search according to several criteria, such as due date, geography, and agency type. A properly filtered search assists in ensuring that you are able to gain access to government bid opportunities that suit your establishment’s requirements. 

When considering bidding on government contracts via our government bidding website/app, do not forget to embrace the ‘save search’ function. This will make it possible for you to continue running the same search as often as you like, ultimately keeping up to date with new government bidding opportunities that are added to the database as time goes on. 

Now that you know all that there is to know about government bidding in the School District of Palm Beach County Purchasing Department, it is time to download and familiarize yourself with the app. Contact us if you have any questions.