Time is Money. Making This One Change Can Save You Both When Going After Government Business

Feb 11, 2020
Bidsync Industry Blog

How much time do you and/or your team spend searching for government bid solicitations? An hour a day? Longer?

Now, think about how much you’re paying those people – or how much your time is worth. Is that the most valuable use of time and money? Could you and your team use that time to focus on more strategic tasks, such as meeting with potential customers, conducting market research or refining your proposals to ensure they’re truly representative of what you can offer? How many bid opportunities have you passed up because you just didn’t have time to prepare the response before the deadline? And how many bids have you missed because you simply didn’t know about them in time? 

The truth is that, like most other manual business processes, asking people to scour the web for relevant bid opportunities from all 90,000+ federal, state and local government agencies is just not efficient or effective. As humans, they can only work so fast while an automated bid notification service can easily keep up with this massive volume of searching. This is vital to any business looking to increase its revenue from the public sector.

What to Look for In a Government Bid Search Service

Although nearly every public sector entity posts its bid and RFP solicitations online these days, you won’t be able to find them in one place without using a bid notification service such as BidSync.

Yes, the federal government uses beta.sam.gov to aggregate solicitations, but not all agencies are required to post there, and state and local governments don’t use that solicitation board. Neither do school districts, higher education entities or non-profits.

Even if you were just interested in doing business with Oregon-based government agencies, there are several hundred individual state, local and special district entities that you’d have to research.

In other words, you would have to search tens of thousands of websites to find bid postings across all levels of government – and then you’d still have to filter through them all. This is no easy feat considering that there is no standard keyword directory or classification/coding system for each type of good, service, construction or system solicited.

You have probably figured this out already, though, and therefore understand the value of a using a third-party bid search and notification service.

(In case you haven’t, this ROI calculator can help you determine whether or not it could pay off to invest in such a subscription.)

Just beware: not all bid notification services give you the same level of visibility or search personalization capabilities. Before you sign up, ask the following questions:

There may be more qualifying questions you’ll want to ask, of course, and it always helps to hear from other users about their experiences. We always recommend taking advantage of free trial offers to get a feel for the overall user experience: how the dashboard looks, how much flexibility you have in customizing search criteria, how involved you have to be in improving search results and the level of solicitation detail and agency access you gain via the service.

If you want to check out BidSync for free, you can sign up here. Just be sure that you take the time to set up your profile correctly. We have support teams on standby to walk you through that process and help you refine initial search terms, if needed.